We are looking for reinforcements

With our new banner advertisement on the sports field SV Suddendorf/ Samern e. V in Schüttorf, we are now increasingly looking for new colleagues from the region. Further information and job vacancies can be found at::


Our new display module

Our new display module is a modular system with unimagined possibilities. It is completely developed and manufactured by promesstec. This enables us to adapt the electronics to your application at any time and also to generate customer-specific special solutions as well as OEM versions. The basis is our basic module with a 1" OLED display as well as a MODbus interface for connection to a PLC, to the promesstec touch panel, etc. Further add-on boards are already in development, with which our display module can cover an even wider range of applications (e.g. web server connection, data logging, etc.).:


The new adventure of the Pistenkuh

The journey to Karelia is not long ago and the two off-road experts Burkhard and Sabine Koch have been travelling in Siberia since May. A long stretch along the Trans-Siberian Railway towards Mongolia and Pamir Mountains lies ahead of them. An excellent opportunity for us to carry out even tougher tests on the sensors with which the "Pistenkuh" is equipped. Since 2007, promesstec works together with the two globetrotters and equips the vehicles for extreme expeditions. Our sensors on board of the "Pistenkuh" have already accompanied the tours through Africa, Australia and of course Europe without a single failure of the sensors. Rough sandstorms in Africa, high temperatures in Australia, mud pits in Russia the technology from promesstec has withstood very well. The request to check the technology for the upcoming long journey was answered by the two as follows:

"... it's not necessary. It works 100%. It's also from promesstec... "

We are happy and wish you a good journey! Promesstec make it robust.

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